· Herbal Teasan - Tulsi

· Herbal Teasan - Tulsi

Numi Organic Tea

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A silky sweetness embodies this soothing blend of tulsi which warms the heart, licorice that invigorates the spirit, and ashwagandha that protects and supports. The addition of maca, turmeric, and chamomile bring a rootsy, apple-like taste and a spicy finish. The medley is complex and satisfying, allowing you to settle into an affirming state of gratitude for all of life’s gifts.

Earthy, complex and calming, our Tulsi tea is infused with licorice, ashwagandha, turmeric, maca and chamomile. Also known as “holy basil,” tulsi is an ancient medicinal plant that has been used in India for over 5,000 years. It has a light lemon scent with a peppery floral aftertaste. Licorice invigorates the spirit, while ashwagandha, referred to as “Indian ginseng,” promotes vitality and calm.



Smooth and earthy, with an apple-like taste and spicy finish



Brewing Instructions

To enrich well-being, steep 8-10 minutes.


Organic tulsi, organic lemon verbena, organic licorice, organic turmeric, organic chamomile, organic rose, organic nettle, organic ashwagandha, organic echinacea root, organic maca, organic clove, organic damiana


Tulsi: “holy basil”, an ancient medicinal plant of India. Promotes healthy stress response & boosts immunity.
Lemon Verbena: calming, aids digestion
Licorice: antiviral, antimicrobial and soothing properties
Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Chamomile: soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory
Rose: aphrodisiac, antidepressant
Nettle: diuretic, anti-inflammatory
Ashwagandha: “Indian ginseng” known for rejuvenating benefits. Adaptogen promotes immune & stress response.
Echinacea: promotes healthy immune response
Maca – South American superfood root that supports vitality and stimulates energy
Clove: warming, soothing, anti-inflammatory
Damiana: aphrodisiac, uplifting, supports healthy nervous & reproductive functioning

Gratitude Practice (10 minutes daily)

Find a quiet space and time to sit in ease. Relax your body, gently close your eyes and slow your breathing, paying attention to the rise and fall of your belly as you inhale and exhale. Acknowledge something you are grateful for, like your family. As you bring up the gratitude, feel into the positive blessings. Bring up people in your family sphere and offer blessings of well-being to them. Repeat with other things you are grateful for.


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