Simple. Stylish. Sustainable.

Since 1996, Preserve has been committed to making products that are good for both people and the planet. Through innovations in sustainable materials, recycling systems, and performance-driven design, Preserve has produced a range of sacrifice-free, low-impact products.

Preserve BPA-free

As a pioneer in sustainable products, Preserve found its roots in creating stylish household products from 100% recycled plastic. Looking to divert even more plastic from the landfills, Preserve took it a step further and developed its own takeback program called Gimme 5, which collects #5 plastic to be transformed into new Preserve products, ultimately closing the product lifecycle loop.

Dedicated to lowering society’s impact on the environment, Preserve continues to innovate with the complex and evolving needs of today’s world. To make low-impact products accessible to the most people in the most places, Preserve has expanded into plant-based compostables, as well as products for the food services industry. Preserve can now accompany you in all aspects of your daily routine, from personal care routines, to cafeteria dining, to on-the-go activities.



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